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I sure wouldn't want my chickens dripping on my briskets for both flavor and food safety reasons. YMMV.
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I would like to serve something else with the brisket. What would you suggest? How would you suggest cooking them?


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Well.. after reading Debi's review and deciding my Weber Summit Grill is better left for grilling and not smoking I ordered my CCSV today.

Hopefully I should get it in time to practice with it before the big Father's day weekend. Now the big decision is ribs or pork shoulder first. Wait, I know...I 'll just make both!

Thanks Debi for making the decision easier.

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Your welcome Ron - I love mine it almost smokes itself!
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I usually tear the fat out and rip the skin off so they don't drip much. Now my briskets drip alot!
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I'm seasoning my smoker as we speak. A couple of question for you guys that own this model.

1. Is the temperature on the door correct?

2. What setting do you set this on so that the smoker cooks at about 175? (I tried using the low setting at it seems to be cooking to high. So I have switched it to the warm setting and am adjusting the flame. I turned my propane tank 1 1.2 turns should I turn the tank less.)

3. Is my temperature higher because I am seasoning the smoker and it is empty?

Thanks in advance,

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1. As I don't have my CCSV yet, I can't vouch for temp, but I have read many posts that suggest that it is accurite.

2. Propane tanks should always be opened fully ( when it is open all the way, I back it off slightly) use the burner valve for all adjustments. When I'm all done cooking, I shut off the tank first to drain the hose, then the cooker.

3. An empty smoker will run hotter, as there is nothing to absorb the heat.

Hope that helps.
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