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These ABT's sure do look DONE after 2 hours at 250.....bacon's dark, peppers are crinckled....I don't kno if I should go another hour. I've got 2 fatties on and the beans...they look done too!
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Almost done...
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Make sure the peppers look crinkled (cooked) from top to bottom. First ones I did in an aluminum loaf pan, the bottoms were a little undercooked and quite spicy! The four dozen I've done since were much better - half dozen on a long skewer placed right on the rack.
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I have 2 chickens going here. Gives me something to do while I drink beer...
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Sounds good. My ham just hit 170* and have everything wrapped and sitting back in smoker to warm, waiting on daughterand son-in-law for supper.
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i did 2-6# sirloin tip roasts yesterday, still chewin on them today, tommorrow i have a 9# picnic ham i'm doing on the grill rotisserie and an 8.8# shoulder butt for the smoker
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Ham tomorrow, baby backs on Monday!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Well had to get out and work up my new smoker it was 18* with a wind of 15 to 25 in Nebraska. But I got the County Pork Ribs done for Easter. Just learning and made my own rub and I think I got carried away it was some what very hot with to much pepper and what ever I had in cupboard. But bought Jeffs reciepe today and will try it next time. Just join the fourm yesterday. Been reading a lot on the forum and it has been very helpful. Dont know how to add a picture yet? Dan
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Well, My better half is still in Vegas for another week, so no gathering this year…still, mans gotta eat! A rack of ribs, 8 lbs. of canadian bacon, hot fatty rolled in crushed peppercorns, maybe a small centercut pork roast (just cause it’s there) I’ll think of something for Monday, maybe salmon! icon_rolleyes.gif
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Wow, talk about eating good in the neighborhood!!!!!

Enjoy Carl!!wink.gif
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Prime rib and ABT s ... with pics

I removed the roast at 125º as suggested ... tented for an hour as we got everything else ready. Rechecked internal ... 127º

Now I like rare time I will go nearer to 140º before removing. Also will use more rub, however I prefer to go light rather than make it too strong.

Going to braise bones and leftovers today with extra rub and spray.

The ABTs were my first ... but definitely not the last ... yummy!!!
Stuffed with cream cheese, bacon, fresh minced garlic and Cajun seasoning.

Hope everyone enjoys the pics .....

ECB on back step out of wind as best as possible ...

View of yard behind smoker just before lighting ...

Prime rib ... rubbed and ready!

ABTs also ready (my very first)

ABTs just before removing ...

The Prime rib after about 3 hours.

Sorry ... due to rareness of roast and not wanting to shock people who may be shy of blood, but mainly 'cause we were starving ... no serving pics!

Learned a lot and will continue to get better ...

Thanks to all for their help!
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Prime rib is best rare. Not afraid to look! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I most certainly agree !!!!

There is rare then there is RARE!

Same with a good steak ... How would you like your steak sir?

Just knock off the horns ... and wipe it's a**! ;o)
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when i was getting paid to cook we called that blue rare... cast iron pan... smoking hot... drop steak in...leave for 20-30 the same on the other side... plate and serve

your food looks awesome... made me stomach growlPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif ... now i need to go find something to
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That's to funny sqeezyicon_razz.gif

Sure does look fantastic from were I'm sitting!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Sorry about the tummy growl ... mine was doing that yesterday!
Have had blue rare on many occasions.

Yesterday that meat was so rare that slicing toward the middle was like trying to push the back of a spoon through Jello .....

Darn tasty though !
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Doin salmon with Dutch's glaze. Tried it once before and it is very good!
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no butt

not doing the butt to cold and too windy, i'm gonna let the grill earn it's keep today
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