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Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Man that looks good!

I've been dreaming about briskets for a few weeks now ... I gotta find one soon.
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that looks good, pc. i plan on doing one tomorrow, along with some spareribs.
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Sure looks good PC! How long did it take? Hrs/#?

I ask because I did a 12# brisket yesterday. The smoker and the meat fooled the ________ out of me!

Put on the brisket, internal temp was 34*. Put a rem. temp probe at meat level to check temps. Temps were running really nice, for my traeger anyway. Temps of 215-245, using pecan & mesquite. Took 8.5 hrs to get to 160*. Everything seamed fine, smoker temp was climbing a tad, but still just fine(temps of 220-245). Put in foil pan, covered w/foil, fat down, figured I was in the clear. NOT! Had some work to do, came back and the brisket had shot up to 195* in 1.5hrs! SMoker was 245-290! Wondered what the heck was going on, checked probes, all in right spot in meat and smoker. 15min later it hit my 205* mark I wanted. I was mad! After the meat rested for 1.5hrs I sliced the flat. Seamed dry, tough on inside, pull apart outside! I got mad, sliced the flat stuck it in a bowl and poured the juices over it. Took the point and tossed in trash! I was a pouting baby the rest of the night!

This morning I had a brisket sammy. Tender, juicy, and the best flavor I've had yet. The juice saved my brisket, i believe. I wasted the point, but nearly tossed the flat too.

Wanted to share that "odd" experience w/ya, and ask if you put yours in foil or not. Part of my juices came from butter in the bottom of pan before I put brisket in. I also added some rub and worchst & soy sauce in the pan too. One of these days I'll figure out this new dig. thermostat on the traeger, maybe....................a Lang 60 sure looks like fun. Darn Theresa & Bud!
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Hey there Big Al, those temp spikes can really be a pain. Sounds like between foiling and the heat spike(especilly if you were running at 290*for very long) really made the brisket temp shoot up real quick. Glad that it was still tasty!!!!

Trust me, we are gonna have a heck of a time learning fire control with the new smoker and will have our fair share of ruined food probably.Funny thing is we were talking about this last night and decided that our first trial cooks we will be doing butts,pretty hard to mess them up....we will see. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Hey Al... the brisket was 14.3 lbs in the package. I trimmed a butt load of fat off before rubbing down. I don't know the wt. before smoke, but it took just over 12 hrs to get up to 195º. This time I put the brisket in a pan and covered it with foil at 172º.

The temp shot up on me after the pan trick. I dropped the temp down in the smoker to 200º which slowed down the process. I wasn't happy with the smoke ring this time, but the flavor is very good (cherry and Hicory woods)... sammies for supper tonight, sammies for lunch at work tomorrow.

BTW Al... never, ever, EVER throw brisket in the trash until you know that it is ruined beyond all hope. Heck you could've put that thing in chilli... Shame on you. Now go write 500 times 'I will not throw brisket in the trash'. PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif

Keep Smokin
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