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S.S. Masterbuilt

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I came across a S.S. Masterbuilt today at the bargain barn i got my ECB at it's the 2007 model (has the door latch and rounded seal and adjustable vent) it had a 150.00 price tag on it i checked it out and all the parts are there and i'm wondering if i screwed up by not getting it seemed in very good shape no dents or scratches...i might have to run over in the morning..what to do......what to do????????
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If you have a use for a MES and the electronics are in working order then the price is RIGHT!

Looks like a $100 savings over regular price.icon_confused.gif What about the warranty? Guess I wouldn't let that bother me.

Good Findicon_razz.gif
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there is no store warranty i would have to go thru the manufacturer
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well no go i went over this morning and it was gone could have kicked myself in the butt
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