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Monty, all I got on the initial post was a red x too. I could left click on the x and go to the page that had the Clan info on it.

Nothing like "Scotland the Brave" and "Amazing Grace"- played by a lone piper or Massed Bands!

I told Ma Dutch that I'm determined to go the the Utah Highland Games and Festival and several other Highland activities this year in a KILT. Her response was "Put it on the card-you know what your balance is." Is she a great little woman or what?!!!

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Be prepared to be SHOCKEDicon_eek.gificon_eek.gificon_eek.gif . They are P-R-I-C-E-Y !!!!

It cost me $$$ bucks for just a yard and a half of the material.icon_twisted.gif

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About two years ago I seriously priced a complete social outfit. I was looking at about $1400 then. And shoes were extra!

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Well I'm not Irish or Scottish so I guess this be my crest!

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Mine too,......could you imagine having to eat this???? PDT_Armataz_01_32.gif Haggis.
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Check out www.kilts.com , they are a US based outfit and they have some pretty good package deals. With everything on my order form, I'm looking at around $700.00, for a casual set up but with a 8 yarder instead of a 5 yarder. Ghillie brogues would add another $90.00.
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Wow,really great prices compared to what we priced out about 3 years ago...thanks for the link.... have you ordered anything from them yet or before???
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I've never eatten haggis but I used to hear stories from the guys on the boats about how great it was. Sometimes ya just don't ask what's in something and your better off!
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Mmmmmm! Giblets and oatmeal! PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif Not Me! icon_rolleyes.gif Yuckypoo!
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Made an order last night, Kilt, Clan kilt pin, kilt belt and buckle, sporran, Balmoral cap, Clan Cap Badge, kilt hose and flashes-

These folks know what Customer Service is about. I sent out the same question about kilts to 3 different on-line companies and Kilt and Thistle is the only one to reply back. They are quick in answering e-mail and were pleasant to deal with. My kilt and kit should be here in about 8 weeks-just in time for the Scottish Festival and Highland game season.

There is a local Scottish shop here in town that could learn lessons from these folks. When I get around to ordering my daywear jacket and vest and eventually a Prince Charlie, I'll be going back to K & T.
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Customer service, or should I say lack there of, seems to be all to commonplace these days. Sounds like you found a winner, and at a great value at that!! Thanks again for the link, I allways like to go with a group that somone has had a good experience with.

Please keep us updated...and would love to see a pic of you in full regalia. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Here's the Christman Coat of Arms, or if I go with what Debi posted, the second one being my 100% heritage
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Wunderbar Shellbec. Very cool!!!!!
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Damn Scotsman.... The Irish kilts are nicer. I'm just biased though. Oh, and our beer is better!

However, your golf is better! :)

I need to get a bunch of stuff like you did with the Walsh family on there. Talk about spirit!
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I had some red x's on the forum also, I wasn't logged in though,but as soon as I logged in they disappeared and the pic came up fine.
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Here is mine

This is what I have come up with from the Galbraith clan.

The badge translates to

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Very cool cagstorm!!
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Lots of Scottish heritage I see ... Here is my Clan crest
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Here is an idea... I was a little bit confused as to why this was in the jokes section. Could this be moved to an auxilliary section of the forums where we can just share about our heritage and the like?

Just a thought to make the mod's jobs a little bit more fun.PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif
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Interesting thought, Cagstorm! Let's see how it all runs with the Boss and the other moderators.

I visited your profile and saw you have an interest in VW Beetles.

And as far as Beetles go, I have had many. One of my favorite Beetles was a 67. Restored to perfection and with the original 1600cc powerplant boosted to 1800cc w/weber 2bbl progressive carb, plenum manifold, and a custom exhaust system. Reverse chromes on all four modded to 15 inch rims with a slight lift and flared fenders. Ran 8.25 front and 9.25 rear. I modified the rear hatch to draw more air into the engine compartment by adding a custom hinge kit to the hatch to raise the upper edge 2 inches.

That was a fun rig and a real head turner. Very impressive performance as well. Then there were several Manx Dune Buggies, but I'll save that for another time!

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