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Look great Smoked! I love nuts!

If you use Raw or the white colored almonds 30 minutes will be plenty. They're blanched and soft, they take smoke fast. If you use the brown colored almonds I think they are baked or roasted or something they'll take alot longer.

Also the recipes that have a wet glaze take smoke faster than the ones that are just spiced.
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yea, these were unblanched nuts.....so it did take a long time, but hey....they taste good....very light smoke flavor even after 3 hours, stuff I had bought had a very strong hickory taste to them....I think I like the lighter touch a bit better.......
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OK. Now I'm fired up to fire back up the ECB (just smoked five 1 lb. chubs of baloney this afternoon) and do almonds. Gotta go find some.
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I think it takes longer because of the skins but I wouldn't have thought 3 hours! I prefer a light smoke myself - I do like the taste of the nut too.

Jessie and I peeled pictaschios for 2 1/2 hours yesterday! Didn't get to smoke them today thogh I was feeling crapy so I rested. Jessie is still cmplaining about sore fingers! LOL
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I gotta tell you, we took in these to the kids up the road, and they were a huge hit....I actually had guys asking if they could order some.....really.....

when I say it was a light hickory smoke on them, it was....and for 3 hours....it was very light.....granted these were whole almonds, not blanched not slivered....whole........I think I could do a longer smoke on them...but I honestly have folks out here begging to buy them from me now......
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okay, thought maybe the other night was a fluke....but we took a small batch up to our regular joint tonight and once again.....huge hit, I've got guy's wanting to order this stuff.......maybe I can sell them as "bills smoked nuts"...... icon_eek.gif but it's not my recipe.......they are a huge hit thou.....I'll be making another batch tomorrow if I get my butt up and running..... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow Guess they never had smoked nuts before. They are good but don't last long enough! Gotta smoke em when you do something else to make it worth while unless you get tons of nuts at once.

Maybe you could put trays full on all the shelves and poke little holes in the trays? Or a rotisary basket. Heck if you cook em why can't you sell them? If I was the Coronel I wouldn't print the recipes. Used t just bake these until I statred smoking the recipes is all over the net now with a bazillion variations! Ya know think they looks prettier with the skins on. The blanched one lose alot of the spice becuase their slick.

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Coyote Nuts

Found a recipe for Coyote Nuts today, sez they will have you "howlin' for more". More to come on this....................
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well I've got just over 2 lbs of whole almonds in the smoker now..... and everytime I take them out I've been asked if I would sell them.... icon_twisted.gif
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The hard part is not eatting them long enough to sell them!
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I think the trick is let them cool down....then vacuum seal asap!!! wink.gif
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Gotta try these soon... If not do you ship Smoke??...lol
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he he he.....just got done sealing up 2 cup bags of these....... icon_mrgreen.gif
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I brought some pecans to work and a co-worker angrily asked if I was eating the last of them when I picked up the bag to grab a few. Had to bring more in today! Thanks for the recipe DeejayDebi!!
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Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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just let the coworker know that it's about 11 bucks a pound (at least out here, just looked at hickory smoked almonds in bulk and that's what they are charging....and personally this recipe is way better!) PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Gee Guys didn't mean to cause such a stir!

Now Jessie wants to start selling them Sheesh! We have't even done ours yet.

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Thankfully I’ve got a pecan tree in my yard that should be pretty fruitful this year. The neighbor also has a massive one that hangs partly over into my yard! I’m looking at them a whole new way this year! Last year I might have eaten one and gave the rest to the squirrels.
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he he he...well tell jessie to start smoking his nuts....... icon_mrgreen.gif
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wonder if squirrles will eat smoked pecans.......hummmmmm
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