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Apple and Pear Pork Sausage

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I just tried my latest new sausage endevour and I gotta say IT is GOOD.
Actually it was a joint effort my buddie and I wanted to try and come up with a recipe for pork sausage using a blend of homemade Apple/Pear sauce that his sister inlaw made and blending it with a minimul amount of spice.
Once I get the recipe for the sauce from his sister in law I will post the Sausage recipe
It is a semi sweet, juicey sausage.
I just served it up with boiled spuds, fried onions and some home made brown gravy.
I am posting this cause I know somebody wandering through our smokey domain will remind me if they don't see it posted and I love to tease ur taste budsicon_evil.gif
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Apple and pear'mm' Gremlin that sounds like a great sausage!!!

BTW... how long of a drive do you think it is from Grand Rapids MI to Oshawa Ontario Canada, because I would like to be a volunteer taste tester!! biggrin.gif
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Apple & Pear Sausage! Jumpin’ Jehosphat!

Don’t listen to her icon_twisted.gif I’m sure she has alterior motives (like getting her hands on your meat mixer and other exotic Q implements you might possess), heck I can be there in 6 hours (353 miles) and I IMHO am a professional amateur sausage taster! (course sometimes to get a really accurate opinion, I have been known to consume, oh…I dunno 8-12 links of each), of course I’m willing to make this sacrifice, for the good of the Q brotherhood and of course Canadian-U.S.A. relations icon_lol.gificon_rolleyes.gif
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Make a fatty of that stuff and smoke it over apple or pear wood. :)
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ummmmmm sounds tasty......can't wait for the recipe!!!!
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Well ya know ... My Daddys family came from Canada so I think I should get to try it first!

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What he said!!!!!

Good one UP IN SMOKE........ but how do you know me so well allready????? icon_mrgreen.gif
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390.03 miles from Grand Rapids to Oshawa

276.92 miles from Flint to Oshawa

and i am canadian so i think its only fair i get to try it

and i use to live only 80 miles away from GremlinPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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sounds like a real treat ......... are you using " sauce " or chucks of apple and pear?
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sounds good gremlin ,might be good to add some pear and apple chunks along with sis in-laws sauce,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe even a little cheese and apple wine ,hmmmmmmmmm mind wondering now ,T-bone.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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You guys are killin me.PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif I know that you know about the gas shortage and pump closures up here,which means you will be staying for quite a while.
There goes my stash of sausages and that's just for starters.
Wow 8-12 links at a tasting thats 4 to a pound aprox that's 3 lbs each x 3 tastings x # of visiters x 30 days minimum MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!How bout I bring some down to Flint I visit there once or twice a year. You shouldn't have any problem locating meicon_twisted.gif .................I'm the one with Ontario plates hahahahahahaPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
I will post the recipe when I get the pear and apple recipe, that's the key.
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well with the ontario plates that doesnt narrow you down too much

I use to live in Alliston...i think i need to go visit friends who live around the Oshawa area

and yes posting the recipe is the key...then you can come taste mine while you are in
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That would be a sauce
That's why I need the recipe for the sauce so I know what's in it for spices and ratio of apples to pears.
I know there is some cinnamminnnnnnin (love that word) and NO SUGAR cause they are diabetic and can't use sugar.
But I was thinkin about trying it with chunks just to see how it would turn out.
I turned the house upside down lookin for the copy with the rest of the meat amounts and other ingredients and can't find it.
But I will find it. My buddy may have it. wink.gif
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Any luck Gremlin???
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I was talkin to my buddy and he keeps forgetting to ask. I know he will find out though.
I just have to wait... I will see him tonight at work and I will ask him about it again. Hang in there as soon as I know I will put it all together and post it.
I can remember ,,,garlic and parsley 10 lbs pork and salt but the apple/pear mix was two small bottles.
What makes up the sauce is what's missingPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Well, someone has to do it. Thanks, from ALL of us!
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It is a home made sauce.
My buddy was over for a hillbilly turkey on Sunday and he forgot to bring the recipe for the mix.
I can't get too impatient with him though.....He bought me the deep frier kit for Christmasicon_razz.gif I just made him feel bad enough to bang his head on the table.
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Hey Gremlin ...bang his head again !! time for that recipe !!! lol ....icon_cry.gif
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