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There is someone online selling trash can smokers. Just find one that's not galvinized!
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These pics are not very good, but you get the general idea. I used a header collector flange as a template and made my own with a lot of small bolts to hold, but the 3 that come with the flanges would have been sufficient if used with a gasket.
I also welded the pipe to the flanges. Also not necessary, but I have an overkill habit.
You make 2 vents, one for the door and one for the chimney to control air intake and temp.

This works very well. I made this in Iowa when visiting family. They also wanted a couple chickens and no one had a smoker.
Now it works very well to heat a small shed that my wife uses for gardening tasks.
When the bucket burns out, I just get a new one.
It took me all of 2 hours to make this, cutting, welding, and all. I could have done it in an hour if I had not cut my own flanges, and done the welding.
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I got a Bradley Propane Smoker for my B-day last year and really like it . Totally portable and collapsible great camping and pick nicking
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That's a realy kewl looking contraption you got there Tom! I had to look twice to figure out it was probably 5 gallon tin buckets!

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I do actually. I have built many over the years. In Iowa, they are a very popular science fair project.
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You mean all you yankees don't have your own backyard stills?
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LOL Not that I know of!
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here's a link for the trash can smoker... i use an old bread pan for the chips... got the burner at walmart for under ten bucks... i had an old webberbbq...took the grill from that...drilled some self tapping screws into the sides of the can to hold the rack
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If ya take some cinderblocks (move the car off of them first) make a box. Place some grating over top or run a stick through them (like a rotissery). Cover the whole thing with some tin foil. Heat with briquets and some wood chips.
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It's not a single use smoker, but it looks interesting. Looks like it might fold down pretty small, so maybe it would fit easily in the trunk. It's a Bradley. you can see it at their website.
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Hey now that's kewl! A mini porta-puffer!

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Interesting. But I'm a purest. Don't like using electricity to smoke (not saying anything bad about it, just rather not use it). I like the idea of a modified ECB. Cut off the bottom, cut out a door, make a fuel pan like the modified ECB, rods to hold a water pan and rack, holes in the lid. There ya go - "Bob's your uncle" (dad's from jolly 'ol england)! Shoot, may make one and keep it at home for my use. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Damn, that sounds like Louisianaicon_redface.gif
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We have liquor stores on one side and churches on the other. I figure that's why we can't sell alcohol on Sundays. Might look bad.

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This is so cool, you might want to check this out, you can get a single hotplate at Wallyworld for $9.00 if ya don’t already have one, the rest of the stuff you probably have lying around the house, just go down to your supermarket and beg a few cardboard boxes or buy em at the UPS store if ya want them flat for transport. Your bud’s will flip out when you pull it off!…do one now and work out all the bugs so you’ll shine when it counts! icon_rolleyes.gif

P.S. Do the birds in foil pans on beer cans and crisp in your moms oven if ya need to! (Don’t forget to brine those birds!)
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HOG TIE ME UP AND STICK ME IN LARD! That is a really good idea! Talk about inexpensive.......

PS- Always brine birdies and fishies..............
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You are right Carl this is cool. I am definately going to give this one a shot.
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