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success 3.2.1.

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had another try in the weber kettle , and yeeeeeha my first success. ribs were alomost over done they just about fell to bits when i picked them up but not quite .the spuds ( or taters ) were very nice though i did have to give them a quick finnish in the house under the grill cos i ran out of coals in the kettle i used the magic dust recipe on the ribs for a rub made up some very nice sauce , and the spuds , i part boiled em first then cut them into bite size bits ,sprinkled them with a good bit of olive oil and a dash of soy sauce then sprinkled sage powder ,thyme ,rosemary garlic powder , and onion salt , then put them in with the ribs for the last 3/4 hour .
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Hi there Johno, glad to hear your ribs & taters were a success, looking good!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Did you ever get a thermometer to put at grate level so you know temp your cooking at? So what do you think you are going to try next???
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yep i did get another thermometer and the difference was a lot more than i thought , the weber one in the lid read 300 and the extra one i put on the grate at meat level read 255. so big domed lid is a lot hotter up top of the dome . and next i want to try a meat loaf , i do have a pork butt in the freezer , but i dont think i want to try and keep the kettle going long enough to cook that , it can wait until i build my smoker .
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Good deal, that was probably the culprit with your first try with ribs, that and xxx hot rub. You should give Tulsjeffs rub a try, It really goes nice with everything. Keep us updated on your smokes and especially the building of your new smoker PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

Smoke on PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Good job johno.
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Congrats johno on the ribs and taters.
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Nice looking ribs!
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Looks very good Johno
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If you want to try the butt, you can take it off the Kettle once it hits 140ish. It will not take on any more smoke past this time, so just toss it into the oven at 225-250 and run it the rest of the way up to 200.
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Way to go Johno! Looks really good!

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