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Gunslinger I have made 2 out of old grinders and gear reduction motors that are direct drive, via an adapter. I installed a switch on the motor that the operator must stand on to operate the grinder. If the operator moves their foot the motor stops. Auger are unforgiving. My .02 worth for SAFETY!!! Steve
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Good idea Shortone
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Grizzley stuffer

Tom -

You'll save $11 just on shipping by picking up a stuffer. They do have tubes you can buy to attach to just about any grinder.
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One thing I learned about making sausage.........The faster the grinder, the more your sausage will mush. Take your time and use a slower grinder and you will see the final product is much more eye appealing. Most commercial grinders do not require the plate and knife when stuffing.
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I have a lem #32 manual grinder. I remove both the plate and knife to stuff with it. Works much better when just stuffing. I don't have a star adapter or anything else to use in its place. You can hear the worm gear rubbing on the bottom of the grinder but it don't hurt anything. The butcher at the local IGA is the one that told me to take out the plate and knife. Works for me! I would order the star adapter or make one if I was going to use it that way very much.
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  Don’t try to add hi temp cheese though, the auger turns it into mush. I tried it, you end up with yellow meat (not very appetizing looking) I do my venison breakfast links on, it does a fine job…course I only do 8-10 lbs at a time. My grandkids like it better than Bob Evans! Talk about puffin me up! You know what I’m talkin bout!icon_rolleyes.gif

So what kind of cheese would you use? I agree with you on the cheese turning to mush, I made some venison sticks with high temp cheddar and you cant even taste it or for that matter even see it. So the last batch I doubled the cheese and I had the same results. So what kind of cheese would I use?

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