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Which smoker?

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I am looking at commercial electric smokers and would ki\\like advice on which brand to look into.I so far like the size(100 lb.capacity) and price of the smokin tex.I want to use it for my restuarant and will smoke butts,ribs,etc.Any words of wisdom are appreciated.Rooster
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Welcome Rooster,

I'm not an electric smoker guy, but I googled the Smokin Tex name and found this link.


Looks like some pretty good equipment and reasonable prices.

Stop by the roll call area and introduce yourself to everyone, we would love to hear about your restaraunt plans. icon_biggrin.gif
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I have the non-commercial smokin tex

Love it. Have two shoulders in the freezer just aching to jump in that thing.
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Wayne there is a guy down the street from me that has one and he loves it.

It is a tad bit different than some of the other types of smokers here but it does make a very nice moist dinner
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I have a friend who has a smaller cookshack and loves it.I have looked at electrics and was going to buy one for myself but I now have other plans.I have looked at firsthand in person the workmanship on Cookshacks and Smokin Tex and in my opinion the Cookshack has a slight edge.Now these were smaller model but you have to think if they put that workmanship in their home models?Check out their sites and see what appeals to you.
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There is a commercial wood smoker in Fordland that I bet you could get pretty cheap.
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Thanks Tom.Is this smoker electric? How would I go about getting in touch with the guy in Fordland?Rooster
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It's at the old Coast to Coast store on e main street. It was sold a few years ago and made into a grocery store, then a grocery/Q-joint. Now it's a feed store. The smoker is out back. A fella named Skinner used to run it, but he's since sold the business. I don't have a phone number, but you can't miss it in this town. It's right next to Robbies C-store where FF heads North out of town.
BTW I have some buddies that have eaten at your place after a hard day of rock climbing. They all highly recommend it. I'll get out there when the drive-in opens back up and try your place out.
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