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Pork Butts and taters

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Ok, maybe there ain't no taters :D but I do have 18# of pork butts to get smoked tonight so here goes nothing.

Here are the butts 18.37# in a cry o vac bag

Add some of Meowey's famous pork rub

And into the smoker at 225* for a nice long overnight sauna

Follow ups when available :D
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Re: Pork Butts and taters

Looking good cajun, let us know how it goes.

Question, when you host your pictures with Imageshack are you getting a forum code link or thumbnail link to get the pics you just posted?
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Re: Pork Butts and taters

I think it is forum link #1 Tonto. It's the one with the capital letters. I was using hotlink to forum # 1 but the pics were to big.
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Re: Pork Butts and taters

I'm jealous! You are getting to use my "famous"??? pork rub. Sure wish the weather here was a bit more cooperative. It's 10 degrees F and we're supposed to get 6 to 10 inches of snow.

Please post more pics and have a extra helping for me.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Re: Pork Butts and taters

Wish I could send you some friend. :D Love your rub, I just cut a little bit of the cinamon and allspice and kicked a little more cayenne :roll: , you know I can't leave well enough alone.
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Lookin good Rodger. You and your butts have a good sauna night tonite. ;)
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Re: Pork Butts and taters

Finally after 16 hours we have hit 200* internal.

Pulled them off and covered with foil to rest a little while before I pull it and add my finishing sauce.

I love it when they fall apart when I take them off. 8)

Note to Tonto - checked as I copied and pasted this time. It says thumbnail link to forums #1 It is the second script line down from the top.

Hope everyone has a Super Sunday. :D
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Very nice. Looks like some goooooood eating
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Nice cajunsmoker, I need to find me a butt to smoke! They look meatier with less fat than shoulders. DO butts have bones?
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The good ones do. ;) Seriously, you can buy them de-boned some places, but for pulled pork most prefer bone in. Myself included. I think it enhances flavor, seems to help it cook, and is a valuable tool to help determine when it is done.
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Great job cajunsmoker that looks fantastic.
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