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New to SMF

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Hello All!!! New to the SMF, just dropping a quick hello. Looking to learn a ton about smoking and hope to share some knowledge (once I gain some myself) I am new to smoking, but hooked for sure, Virgin voyage was last weekend, turned out great!!!

Location: Deep in Husker Country (Columbus, NE)
Smoker: Cabela's Stainless Steel Vertical smoker.

Once again hello!!

Husker BBQ
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Welcome Husker you have found the Happening place. Let me be the first to recommend you check out Tulsa Jeffs 5 day e-course gotta lot of great info. We look forward to seeing your posts and pictures. Grab a cold one and jump right in.
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Re: New to SMF

Welcome Husker!

This is the place to learn about smoking! The finest folks on the net are here to answer your questions and help you along the way.

Jeff has a eCourse prepared to teach you the basics of smoking meat just sitting there ready for the asking!
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Welcome Husker to SMF
The info here is enormous and the fellowship can't be beat either...make your self at home here for sure!
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Re: New to SMF

Welcome to SMF Husker BBQ. Glad to have you here. If you have any questions feel free to post them in an appropriate topic area. Also there is a chat area, you can stop in and ask questions there too (works best if there is someone there to ask though).

Keep Smokin
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welcome to SMF, husker. you found the best smoking meat forum on the net.
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Welcome...Glad ya found your way here...
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Re: New to SMF

Welcome to SMF.
Tom Osborne hates smokers. You should be ashamed. :)
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Re: New to SMF

Hello Husker from a former Sooner :!: But don't hold that against me wink.gif Welcome and good learning. This is the place to be
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Re: New to SMF

Welcome Aboard Husker, glad you found us :D

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Hey welcome Husker have you been smoking long?
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Re: New to SMF

No, I smoked a butt for the first time about two weeks ago, bought a case of Loin Back ribs (got them at a steal of a price $2.05/lb), looking forward to smoking those in the upcoming weekend.
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Welcome to SMF Husker BBQ!!! Ask loads of questions and these guys will help you shake your newbie status in no time. ;)
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