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Thanks. The smoke is what makes the neighbors jealous and makes them visit. Luckily my garage is detached.
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Maybe because the smell makes you so darned hungry?

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Re: The Wookie

What Temperature will it keep with just the element under the chips on?

Did you have any problem with the door seal? Does it ever stick?

How do you regulate the air flow? How do you know when it's "right"?
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Temperature was (I say was because I just burned out my burner after 3 year) around 250F in the winter and not sure how high it will get in the summer never tried.

I have not had an issue with the door seal. I believe it is painted metal so there are no plastic or rubber parts.

As for the air flow I have the vent in the top the holes in the front and various holes for wires etc.

This is by no means an air tight box and the air flow has been just fine
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Thanks Cheech!

The Wookie has great capacity.!!

I'd like to start a new project but after My wife accused me of giving our Dryer the Eye the other day it might not be so smart.
Plus, She just gave birth last Monday and seems to think that's more important than spending all my spare time fiddling around in my shop!
Silly Girl!!!!
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Congrats Smoky Dad
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Re: The Wookie

WOW Cheech,
That is really out of this world,,, nice job :!: You got my mind working also :idea: lol ok take care.....
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Re: The Wookie

What holes do you have in the front? I see something that looks like another handle of somesort. Enlighten me good buddy.
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There are two holes about 1 1/2inches in diameter. I use a tile trowel with identical holes drilled in it. There are screws that hold it in place.

Also there is one other hole on the side for the power cord and thermocouple wire to come out of
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Thanks Cheech, Hopefully I can get the top vent on today, then take it for a test drive.
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Please do not forget the pictures.

Hope all goes well.
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That's not a problem. The camera has new batteries and real close.
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So how did you go about hooking up the temp control to the eletric burner? I am fairly handy with electronics being a pc tech but am curious as to how it all hooks together.
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Between the temp control and the burner is a solid state relay.
My temp controller has a on/off relay built in, I wired from there to a regular duplex outlet. (One side of the outlet is hot all the time the other side is controlled by the controller). From there I just plug the burner in the outlet. There is a thermocouple in the smoker that sends the signal back.

Given the choice select a type K thermocouple. (The metals in there do not rust like a type J)
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