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Well I got my sausage supplies - next smoke I'll do a fatty or two. How big are they supposed to be about 4" or 5" think?
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The typical sausage roll, such as the Jimmy Dean..is a 1lb roll...aprox. 6 inches long, and 2 1/2 inches in dia. that is a nice size roll and takes about 3 hours to smoke..but as always check for internal temp..
Good Luck

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I'll take as much of that Blue Bell as you can send. When I moved from Texas to CO, that was the main thing I missed. I now take a ac/dc powered freezer with me when I go home to west texas just for the blue bell.

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Re: Brisket price

Well I smoked a fatty today. I think Jimmy Dean uses more fat than me i was very dry and slicable when it reached temperature. Tasted great though. The smell was amazing I was soooooooo hungry waiting for it to get done! Maybe i'll do the next one wrapped in tin foil.

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I saw a 6.5# brisket flat today for $4.99 / lb trimmed.  Outrageous.

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Around here, trimmed flats in the grocery stores go for about $3.59-$4.79 a pound, and they're usually around 3-5 pounds. I don't buy them.

I go to a special Costco that caters to businesses, or Cash & Carry, where I can get packers for $2.05-$2.39 lb.

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I rarely see a packer on sale for less than $4.42 here....... don't get to eat  much brisket th_crybaby2.gif

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packer at walmart is 2.68.  Everybody else wants 7.99+

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We tried brisket once and didn't care for it.  I found one store in Vegas that sells Prime and it is an Oriental market called Greenland Market.  Bought some short ribs at $6.00 a pound but they are beauties.  Will smoke those next week.

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