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Brisket price

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I was at the store the other day and looked at the Brisket price, it was $4.49/lb is this normal for other parts of the country too?
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here packers cost $1.48/lb. the trimmed ones cost anywhere from $2.99/lb to $3.99/lb. depends on how trimmed they are, and the store.
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Sounds like I need to look around more
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$1.69- $1.99 packer

usually $2.99 trimmed I think, and they run a sale 5 or 6 times a year and go $1.99 trimmed.
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Re: Brisket price

.99 cents a pound in the summer. About 1.59 most other times
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Yes an other reason for me to move out of this state
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Re: Brisket price


I would love to move up to michigan and out of California. But then again if Brisket prices are that high there!....LOL

maybe its the weather in Colorado that is driving up the Briskets.
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kaptn35 used to live in California and did move to Michigan, I used to live in a small town called Ripon close to Modesto
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Re: Brisket price


I know where Ripon is. My in laws live out in Riverbank in which I have to pass thru ripon to get there. Things are changing out there now. More homes are being built....ahhh but I am a lions fan so michigan would be nice to me.

back to brisket. I went to a local place for lunch...BBQ place. Out here in Cali its more like Ribs and Links. Well this place had sliced beef. So I ordered it. It was brisket meat with a side of potatoe salad and break.
The meat was so-so and the Potatoe salad was horrible (wife makes awesome macaroni and potatoe salad) and the bread. Well it can't get any worse. It was 2 pieces of wheat sandwhich bread which I can tell is bought from the local grocery store. Very Disapointed.

When I went to Texas for an interview I ate a place outside of Houston called Heinz BBQ....Awesome food compared to out here. ahhh the luxery of living in gods real country area.
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Re: Brisket price

Same Here
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We have those prices here in the North East too Cheech. Even the low grade meats at the super markets start at around 3.99/lb a real butcher shop goes around $4.50/lb.

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yet another reason to live in texas i guess.
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Re: Brisket price

in local supermarket -- a I G A affiliate
packers---14-18 lb--
$1.69 lb---
this is small town
at my honeys.

at wally world --
15 miles away---
packers run $1.49 a lb.
10-14 lbs.....
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Re: Brisket price

After repeatedly over-paying for smaller flat cuts at the local grocer, I have finally hit the jackpot at my local "Smart And Final", that sells packer trimmed briskets for a $1.79/lb. I bought one of the smaller ones, which weighs in just shy of 12 lbs!!

Attached you will find my next conquest. Looking forward to it!

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Re: Brisket price

thats it...I am going over to smart and final too.

wife was there just yesterday.
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Re: Brisket price

Man that's amazing. The only time our Wally World sell brisket that cheap is on St Patrics day and they are the little corned beefs about 2 - 3 pounds each with more fat than meat. Being their already spices and corned they wouldn't do me any good for smoking.

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a regular packer is $1.49/lb everyday at my wally world. the corned beef points are $1.96/lb, and the flats are $3.96/lb. i have never bought one of those corned beef ones, although i love corned beef. my wife hates it though, so i am stuck with a pound from the deli every now and then.
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Boy I wish we had one near me that looks great
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Choice packer cuts fpr $1.79 lb
Kobe packers for $2.59 lb
Got some prime product coming in at $2.29 lb
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Well looks like I need to check around town for better prices.

I have not smoked a brisket yet but would really like to do one soon
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