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Just Joined

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Hi Everyone
I found your site and after reading it for a few days now decided to join you, I built my own smoker from 14ga SS. 36" h x 18"w x 16"d , and power it with a $7 wally-world hot plate , so far so good make awsome jerky last weekend.
Looking forward to getting to know you all.
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Re: Just Joined

Good work! What is your max temp? Will it get ya to 220°-240°?
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If you get a chance share a picture we love homemade units here.

Also if you need to there are more of us using the chat room and if you are in the middle of a smoke and need help it is a great way to get an answer quickly
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Welcome to SMF Ghost308!!! Sounds like a great homebuilt project ya got there.

Like Cheech said, come say howdy in chat and get to meet us that way. It sure is a load of fun in there. Just click to join in the who is online section in the narrow margin on the left hand side. Look forward to meeting you!
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Re: Just Joined

Welcome to SMF. Another Missourian. We almost have enough. :twisted:
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Re: Just Joined

Good catch, I missed the Misouri connection that time. Ghost, now you understand the need for pics I know---You Gott Show Me! :)
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Dang.. all these Missourian's in here. Starting to wonder if Idaho is in the U.S.. Anyway..Welcome Ghost. Glad to have you with us. Meet us on chat when you get a chance. Also ask the questions, someone will come along & help.
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Welcome ghost, I too would like to see some pics of that homebuilt smoker. 14 gauge that should last forever and a lot of good cooks. Looking forward to your posts
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Re: Just Joined

Ghost - welcome to SMF - Hang around, you're in good company (the best actually) Lots to learn here and help if you need it. Don't forget about the chat feature, it's really handy. Besides there's local folk there, we're like neighbors.

Keep Smokin
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Whoo Hooo!! Another Missourian!!!! Welcome Ghost308

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Re: Just Joined

WOW !!!
Thanks for the warm welcome
I'll post a pic as soon as I can but it's pretty ugly , smoke pouring out everywhere, temp so low I can't even get a reading, takes 7 hours to properly smoke jerky but I can about 8 lbs at a time, it's everything I wanted :lol:
But I am serious about the temp, I brine or dry cure everything first and cold smoke my meats and fish.
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Re: Just Joined


im glad to meet you...

whats the high temp you can hold on your smoker??

or do you just cold smoke...

i got one of them wally world 1000 watt hot plates ..
im wondering what it can do heat wise...??
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