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'Nother newbie...

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Hi... I'm "Cat", and I live in Indiana with my Hubby and 3 kids. I help tutor and with "crowd control" at an elementary school... Kindergarteners. :lol:

Hubby has tried smoking over the years, but in a limited way with a charcoal-fired mini smoker. I'm sure he's gonna LOVE this place!

I found you while doing research for my favorite place, Mrs. Survival ( We're mostly women, and the forum is geared towards being prepared for everything from day-to-day stress to "TEOTWAWKI" (ask me).

We have some with an interest in smoking meats not only for immediate eating, but the old-fashioned methods of smoking for longer-term storage. I just got here, so any pointers to that kind of smoking would be welcomed as I begin to look at your site.

Looks like I'm gonna be busy exploring... :shock:

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Re: 'Nother newbie...

Cat.. Welcome to SMF. Another female member interested in smoking, too cool. There is a wealth of info here to last you from now til TEOTWAWKI. So many good folk here and lots of recipes. Enjoy the site and please ask questions when you have them.

Keep Smokin
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Welcome Cat were glad your here.
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Re: 'Nother newbie...

Welcome to SMF. I don't think we have a recipe for smoked cat yet. But I'd be interested.
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Welcome to SMF Cat!!! We most likely won't try and smoke your cat. Just don't let my avatar see your avatar and we should be ok. ;)
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Welcome to the forum, you mentioned that you/your husband has smoked for years, what do you typically smoke?
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Re: 'Nother newbie...

Ultramag, no offense, but from the looks of your dog, I'd say the cat could take it. :lol:
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Welcome to the SMF. Enjoy,ask any questions, someone will probably have an answer or be helpful. Tell your friends.
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Gunslinger, Boomer says..........well never mind, this is a family forum;) Wouldn't think he'd know stuff like that at 2 ½. Must have been a Navy Westie. :P For the record though GS, even my indoor hound is a hunting breed.

We ain't scarin' ya are we Cat? Me and Gunny we just don't get to town to much right Gunny?
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Re: 'Nother newbie...

You know, you're right. I don't get to town much. I kind of figured you'd have a walker or a red bone for a house pet. I gave up the huntin' dawgs. Not enough time.
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Re: 'Nother newbie...

Welcome Cat! Nice to see another woman interested in smoking. Love the name seeing that I have 7 furburgers of my own :D . Enjoy the site and don't forget to download the 5 day e-course. Daun
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Re: 'Nother newbie...

Welcome Cat! Great folks here and tons of creativity - you'll love it!

Okay I'll ask ... what's a "TEOTWAWKI"?

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Re: 'Nother newbie...

Thanks for the welcomes, everyone. :)

Debi, some people believe that we'll eventually run into a crisis what will bring about "The End Of The World As We Know It" - "TEOTWAWKI". It might be economic collapse, pandemic, terrorism, or the "End of Time"... kind of "choose your own fears" kind of thing.

For me, being prepared is what I grew up with, as a hedge against snowstorms and economic hard times. I also have my Dad's Amish side of the family (about 3/4 still are Amish), so I've learned some things about canning and living without electricity. (Even though the Amish here are increasingly modernizing in their own ways.)

I tend to be rather moderate in my "survival" mode. I guess if things get THAT bad, I don't mind going where I'm going. wink.gif

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do you have any Amish type of sausage or salami recipes that you would be willing to share with us?
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Re: 'Nother newbie...

Cat -

Checked out the site you mentioned - interesting concepts or should I say precepts?

I tend to quitely observe the way things are going and wonder is this Revelations 16? Until then I will continue on my path to relearning to do things the way things were done when I was young-er. :roll:

Nothing quite like a steamy platter of fresh smoked meat, a warm platter of field greens, a hunk of young firm chesse, a loaf of hot artisian bread and a cool glass of homebrewed beer to make you think your in heaven!

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Re: 'Nother newbie...

Cat, nice to have you here with us at SMF. Sit back read through the forums and tell hubby that he's got to sign up too. Check out Tulsa Jeff's 5-day eCourse- lot's of good info to be learned.

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Re: 'Nother newbie...

Thanks, Dutch.

I told him about it, and about some of the recipes I'm seeing. I think when the weather warms up this spring, he'll be more interested. 'Course *then* he'll need a better smoker... :roll:

That said, he *did* tell a co-worker about the site. Which means he'll get here eventually.... :D

If we get the nasty weather they say is coming, he'll have extra time to look, maybe. wink.gif

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