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just learning

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Hello I am in southeast Texas retaired and want to start making and smokeing my own sausage I would like some input on how to plan and build a smokehouse I would like to know at what temps and how long to smoke sausage also I would like to have some info on cold smokeing
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Re: just learning

Hello Tony and welcome to SMF. There is a wealth of information to all the questions you ask about. Look around the forum, starting with the sausage forum and don't forget the search box on every page to search out key words.

Start here: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/ then check out your favorite topics.

We look forward to seeing your posts and any pics you would like to share.
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Welcome tony what part of east tx are you from. I was born and raised in henderson but had to come up west to make a living. Just wanted to say hi from a fellow east texan.
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Re: just learning

Welcome to SMF. There are several good plans for smoke houses here. Take a look.
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Welcome Tony,

What kind of sausage do you want to make?
What do you have now for equipment?
Have you ever smoked meat before? How much room do you have available?
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