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Brinkman side fire box?

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I have an old Brinkman Smokn' Pit Pitmaster which has no side firebox. I have seen a lot of the horizontal smokers that other people have and they all have the side fire box. I was just wondering if anyone knew if I could order the whole side box assembly from brinkman or another manufacturer, and rig it to fit on my grill, or if i would have to design and build something myself. I would much rather be able to find a side fire box and with a few mods attach it to my grill.

The grill itself is in great shape, and is fairly well built, and i enjoy using it, so I don't really want to replace the whole thing just to get a fire box. I have no welding skills, or much metal work experience. Any suggestions would be great!
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IF you can find someone who is good at welding you can ususally bribe them with some good smoked meat. In most cases those that are handy with a welder can pretty much make one or attach one to your existing smoker.

Good luck
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Re: Brinkman side fire box?

Thanks Randy.

I called the customer service # and they were able to set me up with an offset firebox.

Now all I have to do is wait for it to arrive and figure out how to attach it.

There is one thing i'm questioning...The inlet damper on my grill is only a small butterfly type, and i've noticed that the opening to the smoke chamber in most of these type smokers with the offset firebox is much larger than what i have on my SNP. Will I need to cut the opening out a little larger, or since everyone seems to install heat deflectors and such anyway, would I be better off with the smaller opening.

I'm sure having the smaller opening would affect air flow, and possibly not reach the temps i'm after but I don't know for sure.

I'm going to try to attach a couple of pics to show what i'm talking about.

Ok well...strike that...my pic file sizes are too big..I'll try to post them later
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