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Fried Butt

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Anyone ever tried to deep fry a Boston Butt? I have heard this was great and I want to try it. So far the only details I know are fry it in oil at 350 degrees for about 8.5 minutes per pound. Anyone have more information on how this is done?

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never heard of doing it. sounds kinda like frying a turkey though.
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Re: Fried Butt

Hi Jamie,

I've heard other folks doing deep fried hams although I personally haven't done one. I did find a good looking thread however.


I would think a butt would cook about the same.

Merry Christmas 8)
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I've heard of people deep frying briskets. If you can do that, I don't know why you couldn't do a butt.
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Re: Fried Butt

Well, I fried a butt. It turned out great. I injected it with a cajun spice and rubbed it down with some Tony C's, heated my oil to 375 degrees and fried it to an internal temp of about 175. I will do this again.

One thing, I read that it would take about 8 minutes per pound. This is just not true, not sure of the exact weight of the butts that I cooked but they were average size and they took about 1.5 hours per butt.

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