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i bought a beef rump roast today, 409lbs. this will be my first smoked roast. i have done a couple of briskets, and wanted someting a little different. i will be using a rb and a mop, basically smoke it like a brisket.
i also bought a whole chicken today i want to smoke tomorrow. it is a "freah young chicken"- 4.54lbs. if i read it right, it should be done in 3-4 hours @ 225°, right? i also readi it has been changed to pull it when internal temp hits 160°, right? i plan on brining it tonight.
also on the agenda is 1lb jalapenos for ABT's, a JD sage fatty, a JD hot fatty, and dutch's wicked baked beans.
any advice on the roast or chicken?

i will be smoking it at the same time. i will be using mesquite wood splits.