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Alot O butt

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Don't they look so good?
They were!!
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That is feeding the neighborhood?
Good looking butts.
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Re: Alot O butt

Good looking butts gypc. Looks like the beginning of one heck of a party.
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Re: Alot O butt

Very nice :shock: Looks like the makings of a nice big keg party :twisted:
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How many did you feed?

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Re: Alot O butt

Wow Gypc, You're either feeding a tribe or you plan on having smoked pork breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next 2 years. Good looking smoke..

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Re: Alot O butt

Oh yeah, I couldn't resist posting these picks of last weekend's smoke. It was so fun..........we started at 10pm Friday night and got done at around 2 or 3 Sat afternoon.

I'm full 8)
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WOW gypc, haven't seen that many butts in on place since I was at the beach last!! :shock: But I digress!! :P

So what was the occasion for all them butts? Party? Football tailgating?? Inquiring minds would like to know!! :D
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Re: Alot O butt

Hi Dutch, every once in a while me and my friend across the street smoke a bunch for our family, friends and charity events. Some buy'm some just eat'm. I'm smokin 3 more Thursday for my wife's parents 50 year anni..we'll eat good on Sat. :D
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I would love to be in that neighborhood. Imagine the smells of all those butts cookin.....The only time I get to smoke is when I am cooking.
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gypc, give my "Best Wishes" to your folks!! Wow, 50 years, party on!!
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Re: Alot O butt

Three more yummy butts a'kookin :D

After this weekend I'm gonna have to go on a pork fast :lol:
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That's a pretty incredible quantity!

I do have a question about your butts. It looks like they were wrapped in mesh like a ham or a cured/pre-smoked cut. Is that how you get them, do you do it? Mine are always just vacu-sealed or just wrapped with saran wrap.

Either way, they look great. I can't imagine how many people you could have fed with that.
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