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To sear or not to sear, that is the question. - Page 5

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Mark -

Sounds like the way my Mama did all big beef meats. She Seared and then they went into a dutch oven in the oven - sometimes on top of the stove. Best part was the gallons of gravy and bisquits!
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You're right... I'm in Georgia. I'm willing to expand my horizons though. icon_mrgreen.gif Most of my drama about beef bbq was actually in humor... but I really haven't been exposed to good bbq beef. I love the briskets I've done in my oven though, so I can't wait to try this. Gives me a use for my Weber Kettle which hasn't been used for anything but a stand for my starter chimneys since I got the smoker. icon_mrgreen.gif

And yes, most joints around here only offer the options of inside, outside, sliced or chopped/pulled.
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There is no question about, sear and Okie Dokie Smokie Okie Method. OMG!

Beyond heaven. I don't think I'll ever smoke any other piece of meat. My goodddnnnesss. Dats sum good eating.

Just finish a 12 pounder using the Smokie Okie Method. had a little taste, my, my, my.
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I did my first without seering over this past weekend and it turned out awesome. Until I run into a proplem I believe I will continue to not seer at this time. I am not against the seering but if it's not broken don't fix it.icon_lol.gif
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Nothing ventured, nothing gained, if we're spouting platitudes ;{)
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True, but how about talking yourself into, "If it is good now, maybe I can improve on it..." PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I think I know where he is coming from. I tried the searing also recently and liked it. I don't know that it was better or worse, just different. I will keep it mind for a change of pace from time to time, but probably won't sear on a regular basis just on personal preference.

Now if I though the searing was just hands down better, then I would sear the majority of the time..........to sear or not to sear.........who cares, do what you like. LOL
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A wise man once said "To the creative mind, perfection is a temporary state."
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Yeah, what Joe said!
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As I said I am not against seering and will most likely try it on the next one. I love this forum.icon_redface.gif
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ALL sides?

So when you sear, do you sear the edges as well? Is it just a top-bottom? Do I need to worry about the edges being seared as well? I can't wait to give this a try!
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Burn it! Seal everything, two large tongs are a must!
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Its really not about sealing in the juices, its more about generating that deep beefy seared flavor like you get out of a good steak. The more sear you get, the more flavor you get. By preheating the meat, you also reduce total cooking time.
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That makes a lot of sense to me, and as usual I will gladly bow to the master! People rave about my briskets now and I owe it all to your advice.

BTW Okie, have you noticed the new fella who just signed into roll call as Smokin Okie? Man that could get confusing..
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I agree with everything in your last post, I also owe it to SmokyOkie for helping me smoke the best peice of brisket due to the high flaming sear.

Also agree that it is going to be confusing with 2 talented smokers, one going by SmokyOkie and the other going by SmokinOkie !!!
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I know the man.. He is a master smoker.
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'Nuff said I guess then. We'll just be on our toes with the sharp barbs ;{)

"SmokyOkie Method rules!"
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What's the diff?

I think I know the answer to my own question but just want to run it by the pros.....Is a brisket labled "Whole Brisket" the same as a "Packer's Cut"?
I have not found anyone in Omaha selling Packers, but at the Bag and Save and Sam's Club they have Whole. It sure doesn't look like anything was trimmed off, but I had to ask. I plan to try the searing method as the burny charred flavor is one of my favorite parts of grilling/smoking.

Thanks in advance.
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A packer brisket will be the entire brisket consisting of the flat and the point. I don't recall seeing one labeled "whole brisket", but I would expect it to be the same.
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If it has a big hump on one end and the other is much thinner and its about 18" long or longer, then it prolly is a packer trim. If it weighs more than 6# then it prolly is a PT
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