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To sear or not to sear, that is the question. - Page 4

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Already did...
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I was going to try this famous SmokyOkie method this weekend, but I am concerned about the bark.
The last time I cooked a brisket in a pan fat cap up my bark came out all soggy. I didnt sear it, I rubbed it with mustard and rub and smoked it for about 6 hours and it got a good bark on it. Then I put it in a pan (fat cap up) for for the remainder of the time. When it was done and I flipped it over I was disappointed to see my bark was soggy. My question is, if I sear the heck out of this thing will it keep a good bark while being face down in its own juices for that long? I like a good bark.
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I can't see how it would not get soggy ... most of the time it is under foil.

I think this method has a lot of merit, however there are many methods that are also good.

Today's word is 'compromise' ... to achieve one thing, you have to give up something else and viceversa.

My humble opinion.
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This method won't give you a great, visual bark like a pork butt will. But the taste will be totally outrageous if you put your fears aside (yes, I had to put my faith completely in the great Smoky Okie Zen Master). I admit, it's hard to do the first time. Follow his instructions to the letter. I did and I will never do another any other way. Let the Smoky Okie be with you...LOL
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I picked up a 13.25 lb. packer brisket to smoke hopefully on Sunday. For anyone who has tried this, do you trim any fat off or just torch the begesus out of it?

Other question, I see you talking about trimming off the tips. Is this suggested with theis recipe? I have never made brisket before, so this is all new to me.
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I trimmed to .5 inch, rubbed and etc... and did the bejesus thing. BLACK.

Thank you Okie!
Direct questions to him, as I'm convinced.
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I trimmed it to about 1/4" and separated the point from the flat, leaving as much as I could of the fat from the separation with the flat. Marinaded in Kraft Zesty Italian for a day.

Wiped it off. Used straight pepper for a rub right before fire. Started two chimneys of lump. Put both on my Weber and added more on top; coals were about 1" below the grate -- it was hotter than hell!!! Seared the livin chit out of it on each side twice and on the edges of each piece.

Put each piece in a foil pan and smoked for two hours. Turned each piece over and did two more hours. Hickory and Mesquite. 50/50. Cover the pan with foil and in to the oven with a thermo.

Unreal taste. I need longer tongs. That bad boy got HOT during sear. Overcome your fear of burning the meat and follow his instructions. I like to stop at about 190.
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Just DO it.
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After chatting with Okie Ive done three of these now and will never do it any other way. I trimmed just enough (3/4 pound) to make the "Goodie's" finishing sauce on off the third one I did. No trimming at all on the others. Flame on big time and lots of juice in the pan. The cool thing is that it's much easier to trim after it's done smoking than it is before cooking.
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That does it... I'm doin' a brisket soon! My Pop will probably disown me. He says if it ain't pork it ain't bbq. I've always agreed. If there is a chance to convince us otherwise, this sounds to be it. Will post up after I try it. PDT_Armataz_01_21.gif

Man, it's gonna be hard letting that brisket get that black... icon_eek.gif
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porkbutt - use a rub that is low on sugar or no sugar. It will burn and leave a bitter taste. Also if you question the amount of black, go a little lighter on the sear.. but the black doesn't ruin it at all. It adds to the flavors.

Keep in mind that brisket is classic barbeque along with pork.

Bring us the Q-view from your brisket.
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Yeah, I figure I will be a bit more reserved with the sear. Will try to exercise faith and let it go a little past when my instinct says pull it though. Will also watch the contents of the rub. Thanks for that heads up.

And I know beef is classic bbq... That just ain't how I was raised. biggrin.gif I've ordered brisket in bbq joints and Pop always looks at me like I'm crazy. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gifHe'd probably rather hear that I'm getting a sex change than to hear I'm bbqing beef. PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif

And if I can get past the shame of it all, I'll post up the Q-view.

Just kiddin' of course. Pop doesn't come here. biggrin.gif
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If you use the SmokyOkie method to do your brisket, I predict that you won't settle for restaurant brisket ever again.

Also, sounds like you must be from the southeast based on you dad's thoughts on pig meat, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, the Carolinas?
Down ther somewhere where the only choices on the BBQ menu is inside or outside cut?

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There were a few different guys at the Oinktober Fest in Buffalo that did seared briskets. I don't know how they ranked but they didn't take home any prizes. It may be to different for the judges or maybe they had a rub that stunk - who knows?

I know one team smoked on this HUGE webber kettle big enough to bathe in! It was enormous! The other guys used a real pretty vertical that looked like an old fashioned refrigerator with a side fire box - can't remember the brand but I remember he said he paid $1500 for it.
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The weber ranch kettle.........those things are huge.........something like 1,110 sq. in. of grid space........that is a big kettle.

Yeah, in the comps things seem to stick some what close to "traditional" lines.........Too sweet......too spicy........anything too......doesn't seem to do well. Seems like briskets get the comment of "it should taste like brisket and not like a pot roast". LOL

It doesn't matter much, I was just curious if anyone here had tried it in a contest........heck, maybe I will one day.
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Seared Beef Shoulder

Try it on any beef roast... here's a beef shoulder I did:

Can you tell which one it is?

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I can't tell. But what is that meteor on the right? LOL
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Dinner... icon_mrgreen.gif
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I'm comin' into this one kind of late, but for my two cents: I learned this method of cooking brisket from a guy in Alabama. I didn't even know it had a name. I sear the #%*@! out of it, smoke it for about 3 hours, then seal it and finish it. The au jus is amazing. My buddy in Alabama does not even smoke his. He sears it over coals, seals it in foil and then goes straight to the oven. While I prefer the smoke flavor, his is still better than most BBQ briskets. All I know is what tastes good (or in this case, great!) and I have to agree with Tim. This is the way to cook brisket. Try it for yourself and see. See what the reaction is from others. It never comes out dry.
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The first time I did this, my wife thought I was nuts! I told her just wait till it is plated before making judgement. She loves it.

And yes, I am nuts, but in a good way...
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