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Re: Top Rack?


Sounds like the gasser will accomodate itself to your cooking needs.

I am getting ready to smoke Bone-in Pork butts for company thats coming.

I learned more about what I can do with my Masterbuilt through trying to help solve your high heat problem. That's what this forum is good at (mutual assistance)

Thanks for letting me get involved and good luck to you!
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Re: Top Rack?

That is just plain wrong for my smoker. In fact I have to rotate the top racks to the bottom ever hour because the bottom cook first. They are closest to the heat source where it is more intense. Plus, the heat escapes through the vent at the top.

Here is a picture of some mackerel I did on the smoker this week. Note this is right after I rotated the racks. So, the top 2 racks were the bottom 2 racks for the first hour.

Hope this helps.

See my thread in the forum about somoking my catch for more info.
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