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Today's Butt

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Did a 7 lb pork butt today. I slept in, so I didn't get it into the smoker untill 7:00AM. (What is this world coming to?)

Rubbed and ready.

Hour 3

Ready for Foil

Falling apart!!

Sorry, there are no finished pics. I am preparing this for a department get together next Friday evening, and right after I added SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce to the pan I put it in freezer bags. As I turned around from the fridge after depositing the bags there I saw the camera and realized that I had experienced one of many "Senior Moments". At least I remembered to put wood in the smoker this morning.

Have fun and do good!

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Re: Today's Butt

Lookin good Meowey,

I was happy with the one I did today too...I don't know how you get your pictures that size? But it all looks good. I got a meat loaf mixed up for tomorrow. The last one turned out so well, I just got to try another one.

Way to go!

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I resize them to 630x473 using Adobe Photoshop elements. Most imaging software lets you resize images. I upload them to imageshack. ( Then I copy the embeddable code for forums and paste it right into my posts here.

Images that size are easy to see but don't require most browsers to scroll right or left to see the pics and read the post.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Today's Butt

nice -- wish mine looked like that...
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Re: Today's Butt

Hang in there Seth. You will figure it out. My first one was nothing to look at. It did taste good though.

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Re: Today's Butt

You have a fine lookin butt there :oops: Still waitin for Smellavision! :lol:
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Re: Today's Butt

That is one good looking butt Meowey. You got another winner!!
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Thanks guys,

Carl, I love that tag line in your signature!

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Re: Today's Butt

Hey Meowey

I can smell a ROAD TRIP :)

Your hour 3 photo: How did you get the little clouds of "Thin Blue" to pose?
Great effect! :shock:

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That was not smoke. I had just sprayed the butt with my 3-1 mix of apple juice and bourbon. It was a little bit of steam from the spray that hit the side of the smoker. It does look cool though. Serendipity would more likely be the word for it. I could probably not get that to happen again and get such an interesting picture.

Take care, have fun, and do good!

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Re: Today's Butt

Ahha! The old vaporized blue bourbon trick wink.gif

I love it!

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Just listen to these guys ... What they do is magic. I had a similar problem to yours when I started on this smokin stuff this spring. The foil trick is the key ... As well as the cooler hold time. Makes it so KISS that even I get good , consistent results. The consistency is what I appreciate... knowing I can produce the same quality time after time ...

I can't say enough about the expertise on this site. Besides, they are all good guys (and gals!)
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