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Pork Boston Butt

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I can't wait for this weekend. I went to wally world and found a good looking Butt...yes, I was looking in the pork section. I bought an 8 lber and am looking forward to converting it over to some really good Pulled Pork...I also bought a couple of the Jimmy Dean sausages to try my first Fatties........so we will see...I hope to be able to post some pictures, before devouring....Wish me luck!!!!!

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Good luck Steve. Make sure to post some pics for us.

I am planning on doing a couple of 5lb butts this weekend accompanied by a couple of fatties, a meatloaf and some ABT's done on the grill.

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Re: Pork Boston Butt

I think I know how you feel. My schedule has not permitted my to smoke anything except cigars for almost two weeks. Saturday will be a butt, some fatties, and ABTs.

Have fun and do good!


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Sounds like another big ol' butt Weekend, I actually won't be doing mine until Monday unless plans change.

Looking forward to pics from all.


PS Thanks for reminding me that I am out of cigars. I need a smoke for my smoke.
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Re: Pork Boston Butt

yo all y'all,
swalker dude i think you will be surprized at how tasty a fatty can be,
i sure was.

i never heard of them till i got here.

my honey,who is a picky eater,luvs them.
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Steve, good luck with your smoke, now if we can talk you into doing some ABT's- :twisted:
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Re: Pork Boston Butt

Gonna be a busy weekend. Have fun with your smoke, I'll be at it Sunday with 3 racks of BB's, a yard bird, ABT's, and I'm gonna attempt Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans :twisted: !! Keep us posted Steve.
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Re: Pork Boston Butt

Steve sure sounds like some mighty fine eating going on at your place. Hope all turns out well.

While reading thru this forum i keep hearing about fatties and abt's. My slow brain housing group just can not figure out what they mean. Hope someone will be kind enough to figure out for me.

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Re: Pork Boston Butt

Hello Bill,

ABT is the abbreviation for Atomic Buffalo Turds. It means a stuffed, smoked jalepeno pepper.

Fatty is the term for a smoked breakfast sausage chub, like you would cut sausage patties off of to fry for breakfast. Roll them in any rub you would like or leave them naked, smoke them for about 3 hours, flipping them once, and then let your imagination run wild. A good place to start would be Dutch's Cowboy Gravy 8)
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