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Tried your beans with some smoked brats a few weeks ago and WOW ... what a great recipe first.gif  Will definitely make often. Thanks for sharing.

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I never did tell ya thank you for the recipe. I have been making them for a couple years now and everytime people rave about them. I use a full pound of bacon and double the vegies. I can eat them for days! Again thank you vary much!

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Dutch...Awesome!!! I made these on Monday and they turned out AWESOME!! Thank you for postingicon14.gif

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Thanks for the great recipe Dutch!  I made a batch today on my Weber Genesis gas grill using Todd Johnson's A-Maze-N AMNPS and hickory pellets.  Everyone loved them.

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Thank you Dutch for this recipe. I have made them a dozen times over the years. They are the "Best". I am making pulled pork and your "Wicked Baked Beans" for 100 friends and family next weekend. A tip of the hat from Uncle davo Thank you Sir Well done!
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I made these baked beans this weekend after finding the recipe and they were a big hit. Cant believe how much flavor there was. The only thing that I follow the recipe a 100% on was that the wife grabbed Van De Camp baked beans, but still they were good. Only thing I will do different is used the crushed pinapple. Thanks Dutch for a great recipe and I will be making these more often.

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Anyone ever done this from dried beans?  If so, how much dry beans does this cover?  I'm guessing 1-2 lbs. of beans, but not sure. 


Also, did you soak the beans overnight or cook and soak?  Then add to sauce recipe and cook in smoker?


Going to try these this weekend with some ribs and chickens I'm doing. 



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Bob, 1 cup of dry bean will yield approximately 2-2 1/2 cups cooked. 1/4 cup cooked bean equals 1 serving.

I have done the WBB from scratch using dry pinto bean.
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Thanks.  Already had one failed attempt.  I soaked the beans for 12 hours and then boiled for a little more than an hour.  That was WAY to long!!  They started turning to mush.  Think this time I'm going to skip the boiling part.  Just soaking may soften them up enough to just sauce and cook from there.


Since I need these for tomorrow, I am just going to soak for 12 hours and then smoke for 2-3 hours and see what happens.  Hope they are done enough.  If not, I can always through them in the oven for awhile!

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Dutch - Another satisfied customer. Great recipe - thanks
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@ Bob-B-Q: So how did the beans turn out with a 12 hour soak?  Did you have better results this time around?


@ 34kw: Thanks, Change them up that suits your family best.

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Great recipe Dutch.  Just did a small batch for a graduation party.  4 x 117oz cans from Sam's.  Ended up filling 6 half pans when everything was said and done.  Smoked all 6 pans for about 8 hours with an AMNTS filled with Hickory.  Man, people LOVED them and they were definitely a hit. Gonna have to get a bigger mixing bowl if I ever make another batch like that again. biggrin.gif

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Dutch, thank you so much for the recipe.  I used the WBB recipe combined with the Ranch Beans recipe and made it lower carb and a whole lot less sugar since I'm T1 diabetic.  All the seasonings were yours though.  I could hardly stop "sampling" them, cold...  So far in the smoker for 2 hours.  Only 4 more to go

A lower carb version using Dried Navy Beans, Stevia and SF Maple Syrup. But all of the seasonings used in Dutch's WBB. This will be even better than the ham I'm thinkin'

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Demosthenes9, I'm curious; How many people did you feed with that monster batch?
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Dutch`s beans are always a good choice...

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Originally Posted by Dutch View Post

Demosthenes9, I'm curious; How many people did you feed with that monster batch?



Dutch,    I think I miscalculated right from the start.  We were expecting about 100 ppl to show up and that's how many we had.   Figured 1 of those big Sams cans would feed 25, so I went with 4 of them.   At the end of the day, there were 3+ 1/2 pans of beans left.    I saw a number of people getting 2nds and even 3rds on the beans and lots of people were talking about how great they were, so I know the left overs weren't due to people not liking them.  I just had waaaay too many right from the start.

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my girlfriend made the wicked beans a few weeks back and her kids and family loved these...we had to mellow down the spice portion of it...but damn they were good

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Replaced some of the baked beans with kidney and butter beans, added ground beef and voila...excellent calico beans.




Thanks Dutch

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I have made these a couple of times now and posted after the first time, but stil cant thanks Dutch enough for sharing as everyone that has tried them has loved em. Again thanks Dutch.
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redneck69: I know about having to tame the heat on them beans. When we have the grandkids over, Ma insists that I do a mild batch. My last batch for a family gathering consisted of a pan of mild beans and a "Kick Your Butt" batch in which I replaced the jalapeño peppers with habanero peppers.
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