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Followed the recipe as closely as possible. I smoked some ribs before making the beans. I normally use a potato to hold my temp probe but didn't have one so I used an onion instead. Used the freshly smoked onion in the beans and it was fabulous. Didn't need to sautee it as it was already nice and soft. Just chopped it up and added it. Mmmmmmm.....good!!!!
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Thank you Dutch! You made me a hero in the eyes of my guests.
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Now you're on to something, smoked onions are great!

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I get happy everytime I look at this recipe. Anyone ever try it topped with pineapple slices?
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That's the way we do them. Put the little chunks in the beans and 4 slices on top. Best bean recipe I've tried!!
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How many servings does this recipe yeild? I've never made them before, so I'm not 100% sure. I also don't feel like skimming through 15 pages either...

... The reason I ask is because my daughters 2nd B-day is coming up and I'd like to make enough to feed 40. Should I double, triple, or quadrupple this recipe to serve as a side to 40?
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I doubled the recipie last weekend and it fed 14 people with some left over for left overs!
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I think 4 to 5 times the recipe should do the trick.
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Thanks. One more question: I see a lot of people say that they put the beans underneath the meat to catch the drippings for extra flavor. How are you sure that the beans are safe and not contaminated? Chicken drippings are dangerous if not brought completely up to temp. Do you just measure the temperature of the beans?
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Chicken would be the exception ... but beef or pork adds desireable flavors.
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when i do a packer........i cut some beef fat off.........and freeze.........when i do dutch's beans, i render it down, and add to the beans...........specially if i am not doing pork or beef at the same time
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Made our first batch of these beans yesterday and they are awesome. Probably the best beans I've had. Thanks Dutch for sharing the recipe.
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Thanks for the recipe DutchPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Just did my first batch tonight:

They went quick, and nothing left for tomorrow. Everyone liked, and credit was given where it was due.
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I made Dutch's Beans for a group on our 4th of July camping trip. They were all gone, and I had to promise to give the recipe to about half of the group. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Made my first batch of these this past weekend too... everyone loved 'em! In-laws say I get to make the beans for family get-togethers now!
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Dutch, I did my second batch of these for the summer on the Fourth. Everyone raved about them as was expected. They said the beans alone were worth the trip to our place. My only minor alteration is to use crushed pineapple, the wife and dtrs. like smaller chunks.
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Do you drain the beans of the canned juice in a collander? If I understand correctly, dutch uses a collander to drain but doesn't actually rinse.
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Smokey wray that would be a negative. I personally use Bushes maple baked beans and follow recipe as directed.
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I could swear I read that from Dutch himself somewhere in the first several pages... I think he said he drains them of the canned juice. Are you sure?

I'm doing a quadruple of this recipe on Saturday, can't wait. Walmart has the HUGE can of bush's for about $4.50.
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I don't drain either with Dutch's recipe or my other plain standby recipe. I find the consistency about perfect after a long slow smoke session.
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