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Spare Ribs

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Ok, the ribs were on the smoker for about 8 hours...the store bought Durkee pork rub worked well too...I had several comments on the Goodness of the ribs...Even the color was great...
I have a rub on a brisket now. I am going to put that on in the morning and let it cook all day...I added some garlic salt, black pepper, etc before the rub...so will see how it goes...

I appreciate all the Good information I am getting from this forum...

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Re: Spare Ribs

Good job Steve! They look delicious.

Now I'm getting hungry for a snack :D
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I don't want no snack, I want ribs!!!!
Steve the ribs look outstanding. You say other commented on how good the ribs are/were, what was you opinion?
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Re: Spare Ribs

Great Job Steve, Nice color and nice pull pull back of the meat showing the bone. Don't just love this place! Good luck with your smoke today and thanks for sharing the pics.

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Re: Spare Ribs

They're beautiful. I'm with Gary, how would you rate the flavor of the rub? Will you buy it again..?
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Re: Spare Ribs

Thanks for all the good comments...They were really good. The neighbors grilled some burgers and brats...there were several left...Only one little rib..hehe!!!
I liked the rub and will try Durkee brands again. This is the first time I ever seen them in Wal-mart...so someone is catching on to our love of smoking the meat.
They have several different rubs on their shelves now, so will have to try some of the others...

Thanks again, Steve
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Re: Spare Ribs

Way to go Steve. :D I'm just glad I had a few leftover ribs to snack on. wink.gif
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