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Stuffed peppers question

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I have a couple questions about the ABT'S , that maybe someone could help me out with . First of all , are you supposed to blanch or boil them a little to soften them up before you put them on the smoker or does that happen while thier cooking. Also , where is the best place to cut them open for coring. Maybe slice it down the side? I saw the pics of the ones with the tops cut off . I'm going to try some this weekend with the spare ribs I'm going to smoke . It will be my first try at the ABT'S. Thanks for any advice.
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Re: Stuffed peppers question

Hey Buddy,

Cut the top off and take the seeds and membranes out with a peeler/corer. I use a paint can opener from lowes :D

Don't blanch'em, just stuff'em with whatever you want inside, put a little piece of bacon on the top to keep stuff inside the pepper and smoke till you're ready to eat'em. About 1.5 to 2 hours gets them pretty well done. :D

Since you're from Texas, 8) I'll tell you if you want'em hot leave some seeds inside. Thats where all the heat is.
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Once again cajun gives the good advice. I cut the top of mine off, then open 1 side. scape with a spoon, to remove seeds and membranes for kids and wife. Fill with a sausage/cheese mix. Some times wrap with bacon, others just use toothpicks. Onto the grates for about 2 hours. let cool, eat em UP. Great snack food.
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Personally, I find stuffing them to be a PITA

Cut them length wise, deseed and demembrane, then pile on the cheese/fattie mixture, cover 1/2 strip bacon.

They're more like little "boats" than stuffed bullets
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Re: Stuffed peppers question

Buddy this is how I do them:

http://www.romineinc.com/BBQ/plant/thumbs005.htm .
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Re: Stuffed peppers question

Thanks for the information , that helps a bunch. I;m going to try these on
Sunday and hopefully they turn out good . Those peppers of yours Bob
looked pretty tasty.
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