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ECB Newbie

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Hello all,
On Father's Day, I recieved a Brinkmann smoker as a gift from my wife and kids. Later that day, we experienced a smoked rib dinner that changed my world.! I realized that I could make ribs just like my local restaurant. I found this site and learned a lot of valuable information. I can't wait until my next attempt. I can tell that this will be a hobby that my whole family will enjoy. ....Pete
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Hi Pete, and welcome.

You will find a great amount of knowledge ready to be shared. If you have questions, ask away, and if you can help other give up some answers. As far I can tell, there is no one person assigned to be the answer guy...

Glad you jump off with a cook on your ribs, How long have you been smoking meat? And try a pork butt next, it is so easy, and the food is so good, you will go into the backyard and weep after dinner, because your family will think you worked so hard, and in truth you got to have some fun, and drink a few cold ones, and did not have to do any honey-do's that day.
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Re: ECB Newbie

Happy to have you aboard, Pete! As you have already seen we are a forum with a difference. So get comfy and continue to share with us as we share with you!
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Re: ECB Newbie

Thanks for the hospitality. This is a great, friendly site. I have only used the smoker the one time I described, which was my first attempt at smoking anything, but I jumped in with both feet. My days off start on Thursday and will be a smoking day for ribs and beer chicken and I may try some ABTs. They sound delicious. I learned alot from the great folks on this site in just a short time. I'll keep you posted on my Thursday BBQ dinner. Thanks, Pete
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Welcome pete, glad to have you onboard. Keep us posted on your smokes. Sounds like you're off to a great start.
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Welcome aboard...nothing like jumping in with both feet..with that kind of enthusiasm , a larger smoker doesn't seem to far down the road...lots of great people here to answer your questions..

Again Welcome..
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Welcome to the Greatest Smoking Forum on the 'net, Pete. As it has already been pointed out, there is a lot of freindly folks here that will be happy to help you along and share with you what they know. Hang with us and in time you'll be sharing tips and tricks with newbies as well.

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