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Ribs (beef)

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Howdy Ya All
Just found this site and really like what I see. I live in Golden Valley Az and love to use my Oaklahoma Joe smoker. At best it has been trail and error. Had no one to talk to and learn from. Sooooo. I love ribs but do not have a clue as to how to smoke a full rack of ribs. Any help will be much appreciated..

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Welcome to SMF, Hoohanger. At lot of use here learned by trial and error, and we're glad to pass on our knowledge to those that are willing to learn.

Check out the Beef and Pork forums and see what others do and have done-plan on working up an appetite, cuz there are photos posted in the various forums that will make you want to gnaw on your keyboard.

Check out tulsajeff's Smoking Basic Course, it has a lot of fine tips to get you started out right. Don't be shy about asking questions-you'll always get an answer or you'll be given a link where you can find the answer to you question.

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Re: Ribs (beef)

Thanks DutchI really love to cook. My true love is BBq. I think I am going to buy "Competition BBQ Secrets" by Bill Anderson. I am one that has to have instructions right there in order to do it right. I sure love the forums.. My new place to hang out.. Thanks again..

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Take note, ask questions and you will be producing great ribs in no time.
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