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I live in Atlanta, Georgia but am originally from the Memphis metro area. I suppose I have pork BBQ "in the blood". Have fond memories of the great BBQ joints around Memphis, and get homesick from time to time . . . .

So, now I am trying to perfect my own methods. I smoke primarily with a "Green Egg" ceramic smoker, and it does a nice job of controlling temperature.

Looking forward to sharing techniques with the forum.

Chip, Atlanta, GA
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Welcome CColins,
Welcome to the SMF, we are glad that you found us. If you run into any problems feel free to ask any questions. Everyone is very friendly, and I am sure someone here can help you. my girlfriend jlloyd99 and I like to do pork of all kinds. She does all the prep work and I smoke--works out well!!! Let us know if we can help!!!!!!
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Re: New To Forum

welcome chip,

if your like me you will be learning a lot on these forums and checking out some recipes that will make you drool.

I lived for about 6 years in the Metro Atlanta area, primarily in Norcross and Lilburn in Gwinnett co. Had a lot of trouble adapting to the difference in sauce between the Arkansas/Louisiana delta area where I always ate BBQ and the sauce they used in Georgia. Mine was bold and spicy and theirs was very light and hardly any tomato base

anyway welcome and if i can help with anything just let me know.
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Re: New To Forum

Welcome to the Smoking Meat Forum, the best place on the web to ask questions and learn the smokey art. You will find a lot of helpful folks here that want to see you succeed in producing your best 'que and they will gladly share their knowledge. Feel free to ask your questions and we'll do our best to get it answered.
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