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I saw in this section was callled Fruit, nuts and Veggies. Maybe I did not read this section well enough, but has anyone smoked any fruit?? i think that it may be interesting. How about any one esle???
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Re: Fruit???

Although considered veggies, peppers & tomatoes are technically fruit, these were smoked for salsa but could be used for soup or stew:

These are apples & pears stuffed with a little sweetness:

Once smoked a custard filled pumpkin:
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Re: Fruit???

Wow, Bob that stuff lookes great. This gives me alot of Ideas. I think there will be an experiment in the near future!!!!!
Thanks Again
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Re: Fruit???

Ben, If you keep doing these "experiments" we're going to have to take up a spare change collection and buy you a "Mad Scientist" coat!! :twisted: :D
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Bob, do you have a recipe for those stuffed apples and pears? I would love to try those. The pumpking looks interesting as well, what kind of custard did you use?
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Re: Fruit???

Sorry, I had to hit transmit & run, got invited to lunch. wink.gif

This Blueberry Crumble is also good:

It appears that I'll smoke just about anything... I've gotten that 'look' that says I should be committed on more than one occasion. :shock:

Lady J, the recipe is copyrighted and can be found in How to Grill by Steven Raichlen on page 428. If I remember it had butter, graham cracker crumbs, cinnimon, brown sugar, a tiny bit of ground clove, and I can't remember what other spice if any. Variations I have heard include placing a piece of a Snickers candy bar or some cinnimon Red Hots candy inside as a filling.

The Blueberry Crumble is posted at http://www.bbqu.net/season3/309.html#blueberry_crumble
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Re: Fruit???

yea ive done them with the snickers bar and i and everyone else didnt really care for them. we all agreed they were good but next time i was told to use brownsurgar only.

i noticed you just put yours in a pan and smoked. the recipe i got from had me wrap them in foil. i just figured it was something to cook while the other meats were reading themself for my belly.
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