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Wonderful Pork Roast

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DId my first pork roast on sunday. Weather was not as cold as last weekend. The girlfriend(jlloyd99) was gone so I was on my own. You will have to ask her about the rub, she did that befor she left. Used Oak smoke and Jack Daniels chips and the roast turned out delcious.
Probally going to try something else this weekend. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this site!!! It has been a great help to us so far. THanks alot
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The rub was very simple. Just coated it with mustard and then a few spices I had on hand mixed together. It was heavy on the black pepper, then some kosher salt, corriander, cumin, chili pepper, old bay, and paprika. I hear it was good and I'm hoping there are some leftovers for me to try.
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Re: Wonderful Pork Roast

J, it seems you have done all the hard work, so I would imagine there would be some (Flowers) along with the leftover roast. :cry: Right, bekellog81.
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Re: Wonderful Pork Roast

Lady J, it sounds like bekellog81 still needs a little training. :P. At our house if Mama's not home for dinner, her plate is made up and put into the fridge BEFORE everyone else is called to the table. Sure has save me a lot of aggravation over the past 27 years. :D
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There was a good reason I left him on his own with the smoker this weekend, and wasn't able to taste the end results right away. I had to attend a freinds wedding out of town and wasn't back till very late on Sunday. I did hear last night though that there is almost half a roast leftover so I'm going to pull it and have pulled pork tonight for dinner. Can't wait for that!
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Not only was the roast wonderful, it came out even better (if that can be belived) as pulled pork sandwiches. As the roast was cooked to about 160 and didn't pull very easy once cooled in the fridge for a day I took it and put it in the slow cooker on high and added a splash or two of apple juice (unsweetened of course) and Jeff finishing sauce. Once it had cooked enough to break down some I took it out and pulled it, then back into the crock pot on low this time with an onion to keep it company. That was some good stuff, no BBQ sauce required.

I really do think I have the eaiser end of this deal. I stopped by for a few minutes to slather on some mustard and rub, then come back two days later and I've got the makings of great que right in the fridge. Props to the boy for having the paitence for making a great fire and tending it so well. I know I wouldn't be able to create all these little feasts that all our friends rave over without him.
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