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This cut of chuck

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I almost bought one. Bone in chuck center cut roast. It sure has some nice fat there. Plus flavor from bones. Bet that would make some good pulled beef or burnt ends.

Was just there for noodles however. 😉
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Here in fla,we get it for like 3 dollars a pound, if we buy like a double pack of boneless ones at sams club,the one I smoked last weekend was 4 lbs and we had a 3 pounder in the same pack for 21 dollars...

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In our neck of the woods that's known as a 7 bone roast.

One of our favorites. I have multiple cooks in the beef section of this thread:
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We have 7 bone ones also. Just depends which place calls it what. 🤓 you can see the bone shaped like a 7 these were $2.99 lb. Yep
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