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And thanks for the tips so far!
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Lol.. just some chicken or beef stock in the bottom of the pan to get the bits up is good.. but the slivers of garlic in pockets you can slit into the meat with knife tip would be good.. 3 or 4 cloves of garlic cut into a couple slivers each shoved in there. It's a little different in the smoker than the hot oven.. the oven melts fat faster and creates a better top crust. The juices in the oven will act faster than the slow smoked beef will.
A smoked roast you can make a great crust by holding it in a hot as heck cast iron pan with oil in it and turning it around a few times to crust up all it's edges you can make contact the pan.. you could use tongs to hold it to each side to brown it. Rosemary sprigs in the hot pan and oil helps flavor too..
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All good ideas, I usually just add water and sometimes veggie bits, depending on what I'm cooking.

I don't let it dry up and deglaze, to me the deglazed pan route is a bit nasty when doing longer cooks, but for prime rib, I'm not as seasoned as Bear, only have done a few PR's and a few top rounds.




Pit beef and drippings.




I got a decent amount of drippings from this Top Round as it was cooling, to me this makes the best Aujus for dipping.






I'll just keep adding water and when I'm nearing the end of the cook, I'll monitor the drippings closely to try and cook off most of the water, but to be honest, my favorite drippings come from the rest!

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Make homemade stock from roasted bones and beef pieces and keep in the freezer. Reduce it before you eat.. Really intense flavor.

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