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Question about pork loin

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So I recently purchased a masterbuilt electric smoker. I'm smoking a 3.5lb pork loin at the moment. It's been in for about an hour and 40 minutes at 225. I've got the meat probe in it and it already says the IT is about 152°. Shouldn't it take longer to reach that temp? I was figuring close to 4 hours cook time. I don't wanna dry it out tho. Any suggestions or comments welcome
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No, you're about right on schedule. 


Due to the physics of heat transfer, and the characteristics of the muscle, the rise in temperature is much faster on cold meat than it is on meat that is approaching the stall.  It has to do with temperature differentials.  Meat that comes out of the fridge at 36F and is put into a 225F smoker, has a 225-36=189 degree temperature differential.  Stall aside, that cold meat is going to absorb more available heat energy than hotter meat with a lower temperature differential. 

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So should it be removed as soon as it gets up to temp?

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Yes.  Pork loin is ready to come off the smoker at 140-145F.  Since you are at 152F an hour and 43 minutes ago, better get it off.  Pork loin is different than butt and shoulder.  Really meant to be sliced, not pulled. 

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So how did it turn out?



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