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1/3/17 Beef Snack Sticks (w/ Q-View)

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These were supposed to be done before Christmas as Christmas presents but stuff happens. They'll still be happy to eat them.


This was a small batch since I just making for the people I was mailing gifts too. Everyone local got jerky out of my stash that I'll have to replenish.


I made 2 pounds of teriyaki sticks and 2 pounds of spicy garlic & black pepper.



After a night in the fridge curing



Stuffed and drying for a bit on the counter while I get the smoker ready to go.



In the smoker at 100-110 for an hour and a half to dry out.



The 3 hour mark. Think the smoker was at about 140 here with apple smoke rolling.



The 6 hour mark. Just about done. IT was 148 on the middle front sticks there and my Thermapen showed 146-152 on the rest. Smoker was sitting about 185 here.




Out of the smoker and laid out on racks to cool and bloom for the night. Got the end of a couple that were on the racks too close to the wall and had to cut it off and chunk that part.




Sliced up into serving size pieces and ready to bag. I'm extremely happy with the color and the texture on this batch.





All bagged up and ready to ship.



This is just a little bonus for the boxes. While digging in the freezer for something else I found a 1 lb bag of pecans I smoked back in November so I figured I might as well share.

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Good job on them sticks.



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Originally Posted by nepas View Post

Good job on them sticks.




That's high praise from one of the masters. Thank you sir.

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Man those look delicious! Nice job sot!
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SOT, Nice job on those sticks, I wish I was on your list ! :points:

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The sticks look fantastic!


Well done!!





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Super sticks, sir. How do I get on next year's gift list?



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I am the Official Sampler Please send me a bag of each.   Great Job :drool    points1.png




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Very nice job!!! :drool:


A full smoker is a happy smoker 


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Hmmmmm.... I think you need to send some of those pecans to a GA tester.  Yep, you did excellent on those sticks and nuts!!!!

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