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Just like the game outcome was good! No seriously nice bark and smoke flavor, rub could have used more time in the fidge.th_anim_burp.gif 

I have had mine for a few months now, I was patiently waiting for Char Griller to release them again, as I love my full sized AKorn. I am continually impressed with the Jr.,as you discovered, just like the big Akorn, you have to creep up on the temps because it's a bear to get them back down. It does a great job doing high temp sears. as well as smoking meats. I even did a pizza in mine and it came out great. I now have an Akorn, Akorn Jr and  Kamado Joe Big Joe, so I am ready for anything.

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Thinking about adding the Big Akorn also in red to my growing collection of grills and smokers!

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