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Last minute baby backs!

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I decided at the last minute that I should smoke some baby backs for this evening. I pulled them from the freezer and thawed quickly in some water. I rubbed them down with a small amount of honey mustard then some jalapeno jelly and then rubbed them down with some Sweet-Heat Rib Rub I found at a farmers market.


I plan to fire up the grill around 1230, start smoking at 1 with some apple wood chunks along with the hickory charcoal I have for 2 hours, then wrap in foil for about another hour then let sit until my wife gets home from work and we can eat!



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Looks nice. Are they for the Broncos game?
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No sir...I actually don't watch sports at all. Didn't even know they were playing.


I also have some wild hog jalapeno/cheese smoked sausage and wild hog hot links to throw on later!

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3 hours for BB's is a little bit short on time, unless your running your grill around 300+ degrees.


Let us know how they turn out.



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I was hoping for between 225-250, but the grill has been staying around 300 no matter what I do! It may be a good thing from what you are saying!

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Foiled at about the 3 hour mark with an IT of 162...

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I pulled the ribs off the smoker with an IT of about 193 which was about 3 hours and 20 minutes into it. They sat for about an hour. Juicy and perfect! My wife and daughter are sucking on the bare bones!

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That's great!


I'm glad they turned out well for you!


When the family is happy then it's a big success!


Nice job!



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That sounds just about perfect! Glad it worked out. That last step, the hour rest, is on of the most important parts.
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Righteous ribs.



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