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(Canadian) Thanksgiving Turkey

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15lbs....brined for 24h. Smoked with cherry chunks on charcoal.

Roasted some potatoes, carrots, parsnips and beets to go with.
Only plated a few family members eat like birds (myself not included). Will freeze some. We love re-heated turkey leftovers.
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Great looking dish! Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family canadian-flag-15.gif

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Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
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Looks great! I have a bird spinning in the smoker right now too!

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It looks delicious!



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Fine looking bird. Nothing like left over turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Looks great and I bet it taste as good as it looks.
Have you ever made a panini sandwich out of those leftovers? We make stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberrys. That's considered a traditional thanksgiving diner here in Minnesota. We like to take all those leftovers and pile them between two thick slices of artisan bread buttered out side top and bottom and put it in the panini press for 5 minutes. If you don't have a press, wraps a brick in foil and put your sandwich in a cast iron fry pan with the brick on top and brown both sides.

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Can't say that I made panini with anything but meat and cheese. We do use turkey (meat) leftovers for them. Great idea though. I can see a sandwich shop picking up on this.

We did stuff the turkey before. But not since i started smoking them. We are actually not crazy for bread/cornmeal based stuffing. The stuffing wife does would probably require some bread to eat along: tons of eggs, organ meat, herbs, fat, just a handful of breadcrumbs. I guess it would make suitable for grilled sandwiches.
Here is stuffed lamb for Easter
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And here is the first turkey leftover grilled sandwich: brie+turkey
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Looks great I have never considered cheese because of all the other stuff on the sandwich brie would add another layer of flavor and texture.
Another panini sandwich I am requested to make often is a ham, pair and sharp cheddar cheese panini. Simple and really good.
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I assume you meant pear. We live cheese and pear pairing too.
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Yes I miss letters on this phone and it does whatever it thinks l intended to say when I hit the space bar.
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Looks like a great turkey! I hope you Thanksgiving was great!



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