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12.3 lb pork shoulder just went on

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Grocery store had them for 99 a pound so I could not say no.  rubbed in yellow mustard and applied a rub i had from a previous boston butt smoke (Billlbo's rub found on the forum).  I am using a 30 MES with AMNPS with apple pellets at 230.  Here a pic of it all seasoned up.



I am trying no water in the pan this time.  I had a little trouble keeping the AMNPS lit last time so I closely monitoring. I pulled the chip loader and holder and have the vent fully open. 


I used SoFlaQuer's Carolina Mustard Sauce and SoFlaQuers finishing sauce.  Is there another Carolina Mustard anyone would recommend?  I like SoFlaQuers but want to try a new one.  


Also open to suggestions on some vegatables to try smoking.  I have done green beans, baked beans, corn, tomatoes and potatoes so far.  Let me know your favorites

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Looks like a great start!


Here are some recipes for you to look over.



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No issues with the amnps.  Here is a pic 6 hours in when probed (temp 132)


i have been spritzing w a apple cider vinegar and water mixture about every hour since probing.  Smoking stopped a little over 10 hours.  I foiled at 160 which took 11 hours, put the meat in the drip tray and added 1 cup of apple juice. I increased the temp to 250.  


Could i turn the temp up a little?  I plan to pull at 205

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WOW.   Nice long cook.


Yes I would turn the temp up.    

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That is looking good!

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Looking good!
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pulled at 205.  16 hours cook time.  



removed from juices, wrapped in foil.  let it rest for 100 minutes.  here she is shredded and a little snack



i had frozen the drippings, removed the fat and added back in the drippings.  Also added SoFlaQuers finishing sauce




cooked down to 7 lbs and fits in a five quart pot.  Ill be enjoying it during football tomorrow. Go Browns, go Bills!

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Nice job!


The PP looks delicious!



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