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Foiled vs Unfoiled

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Hello all,

I'm getting back into smoking after purchasing a WSM. Today I'm doing a test on 2 butts. Both I brought up to 155 degs. I made sure that the rub was stuck. Both butts weighed 9.2 lbs. I decided to foil one and leave one as is on the smoker. I have been keeping a log everyou hour as I go to monitor the progress. So far in a period of 2 hours the foiled on is 10 dega hotter than the unfoiled.has anyone else tried this? If so what we're your results?
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All I can tell you is that foiling cooks faster if you're willing to compromise on bark. No-foiled butts produce the best bark, especially when finished smoking in a dry smoke chamber, then, rested in a pan on a elevated rack covered with a towel so it can creates and preserves a pronounced bark. Foiling to finish softens the bark, which won't be as well developed due to less time on open grates, and, foiling to rest softens the bark even further.




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The foiled butt came off. Took a quick nap to find it at 200. When I pulled it off the grill the thing broke in half.

The unfoiled is at 171 and has hit a stall I'm hoping for it to be done in the next 3 hours
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Looks good so far!



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Foiled came off 4 hours later when it hit 200 IT. My conclusion. The one that was unfoiled had a much more pronounced smoke flavor, along with a better bark. I belive my method will be to take the pork butt to around 170 IThursday and thanks wrap it from there.

The WSM performed like a wanted to settle in at 225 and stay there. I took advice from Harry Soo, and used the exhaust vent to make temp changes. I can't wait for myou next smoke on this thing
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