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Whole turkey - help!

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Hi everyone,

I am attempting my first first whole turkey. I'm using a Bradley electric smoker, by the way, with a 14lb pre-injected turkey that was defrosted before the brine.

While reading the threads i agree with the Slaughterhouse brine , and i have decided to not inject for this first run - I really dont like salty. So after 20 hours of brining and 12 hours now of uncovered sitting in the fridge, I guess I'm ready to throw it in to the smoker... but what should i rub it with? Butter? High quality olive oil? Herbs?

Thanks for any help, i was so confident in my first approach until now when i have to do... something.
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I like to put butter under the skin & olive oil on the outside, then use Montreal chicken seasoning for the rub.


If you have the room in your smoker, I would spatchcock the bird too.


It will cook faster & more evenly.



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Ditto Al.... Spatchcocking would be great if you have room. I have also started ti remove the actual ribs when I prep. It makes slicing really great. I use butter inside and out with SPOG and a little Weber Kickin Chicken on top.

Jeff has a recipe for a buttermilk brine in the newsletter archives that is really good?
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