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Getting used to this

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Hi all, from Boston here. 44 in" Masterbuilt Propane smoker. I've successfully done chicken wings and a whole chicken. They tasted great.


Having trouble getting smoke. It takes about 90 minutes. I've tried a cast iron skillet with dry hickory. It sits right above the burners but I'm going to modify to make it rest properly. I've heard differing opinions on wood (soak/don't soak/soak only for 1 hour/etc.)


What do you all find works? I'm having a blast learning and figuring out my smoker. Temperature control has actually come easy to me.

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to the forum!


Glad to have you with us!


First off don't soak your wood chips.


Are you using chips or chunks.


If chunks, start with chips & when it gets smoking then add the chunks.



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I'm using chunks. I tried soaking chips the first time and quickly realized it had to be a rookie mistake. I'm getting great smoke with the chunks but have difficulty getting there and maintaining. 

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Well then all you have to do is put some dry chips in the pan with a couple of chunks.


The chips will start smoking right away, then as they burn out the chunks will start to smoke.



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That is why your name says "super moderator" next to it and mine says "newbie."


Thanks! I'll try this out.

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