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Every year I put together a large gathering for the opening of the college football season This season didn't start off on the right winning foot for my team, but the food, cocktails and friends were all great.  On this year's menu was:


10.5 lbs Boston Butt - Fat cap trimmed down, cajun butter injected with Jeff's rub


6 lbs Boston Butt - Cooked in the crockpot with a recipe I got off of the Kings Hawaiian Bread website. (my wife doesn't like smoked meat, so this was for her)


Smoked Baked Beans - My variation of the Wicked beans recipe


Smoked Potato Salad - Don't remember where I found this, but it was amazing!


Jambalaya - my jambalaya recipe that has over 5 lbs of meat in it


Bacon Collard Greens - a Taste of Home recipe that I found


Cole Slaw - I got my mom to make this as it is my favorite and doesn't taste right if I make it.


Blue Cheese Mac - this is a family favorite and will be at every bbq I ever do.


Jalapeno Poppers - I did Jeff's Shrimp stuffed, Bacon wrapped poppers


Velvetta Dip - with Chorizo, Beef and Salsa


Step 1 - getting trimmed up


Step 2 - Injected that butt


Step 3 - Rubbed down


Step 4 - Fresh batch of sauce


Step 5 - Get the fire going


Step 6 - Final Product (I didn't wrap, or even touch this butt once I put it in the smoker)


Step 7 - Crockpot Butt


Step 8 - pulled Crockpot butt


Step 9 - Garnished with Pineapple


Step 10 - Final spread


This was probably my best Smoked Boston Butt I've ever done.  The bark was perfect, there was very little fat to remove when pulling and the smoke flavor was absolutely on point.  I've got to give SmokinAl a big shout-out for a little advice on both the trimming of the butt and the cajun butter injection.  I know this turned out good, because I only had about a sandwich bag of meat leftover for me the next day.  I was a little sad about that.