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2 x 5lb pork shoulders

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Picked up these 2 for dinner, dry brined them with a whiskey smoked sea salt and now rub on them and at 5lb each should take just under 10 hours I hope.

This is my second attempt at full shoulders, my first was on a cheap offset that took 13 hours (bigger shoulder) but needed houry temperature monitoring and firebox clean out 1/2 way through.

Looking forward to this now with a smoker that can hold 222-230 for 6 hours easily, my longest test so far.

The old cheap one, little kettle and the new build.

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Nice build!


Good luck with the shoulders!



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Started work at 7am this morning, smoker heated up by 8:20 so getting to 3 hours in now.

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6 hours in. Now stuck at 150-154 now over the last long time, not gonna go down the crutch route so will see how much longer the stall lasts.
156 now :)

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Looking great,how about more pics of the new build?biggrin.gif
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11:15 in...

One after resting and before pulling, took 12 hours

And after pulling...

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Looks good.  How was the PP??



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One took 12 hours to come up to temperature and the other, same weight to begin with, just took longer, more like 14 hours.

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Looks like some tasty pp!
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Have bits to do to perfect it I think, start earlier is first on the list. The night before will probably be a better idea.

Instead of injecting them I'm going to try the Texas crutch method next time with a liquid of some sort and then back on to finish the bark hopefully.

I've almost a year to practise for my first competition so it's gonna be the next 11 months of changing and trying new things.
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